Policy Priorities

The Center advances policy and research that promotes person-centered care. To do this, we provide information and evidence to support policymakers at both the state and federal levels, health care decision makers, advocates and consumers in achieving policy change. We conduct research and evaluation that builds the evidence base — the “hows and whys” — of consumer engagement and person-centered care. And we partner with researchers to drive policy-relevant research.

The Center has articulated six federal policy priority goals for 2021-22:

1. Incorporate robust consumer engagement initiatives into delivery system and payment reform initiatives

2. Encourage the health system to better address the social determinants of health

3. Support person-centered enrollment options for dually eligible individuals

4. Advance a long-term care system that is person-centered, equitable and sustainable

5. Promote a primary care system that is high-quality, culturally competent and robust 

6. Suspend medical debt collection practices during COVID-19

To go in-depth, and learn how we will be working to promote these policies, please read our Federal Health Policy Goals for 2021-22.

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