Leadership in Action

Through Leadership in Action, we bring consumer health advocates together with researchers, physicians, health system leaders, nurses and social workers, to shape critical decisions about how health care is financed and delivered.

In 2017, the Center launched Leadership in Action, a program that connects consumer health advocates with leaders from the health policy and practice fields – researchers, physicians, health system leaders, nurses and social workers and others – who are committed to creating a consumer-centered health system. These relationships can help advance innovative best practices as part of public policies and programs, and expand the reach and depth of advocacy.

This work is win-win: state consumer health advocates work with an experienced Senior Leaders who can support them with skills, ideas and valuable health sector connections. Senior Leaders get the chance to work with established, consumer health advocacy organizations and their partners, who are on the leading edge of consumer engagement in health system transformation.

This program builds on our successful four-year Geriatric Provider Collaboration program (supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation), which united the expertise of geriatric providers with that of consumer advocates in states that worked on the implementation of the CMS Financial Alignment Demonstrations.

To date, we have engaged seven Senior Leaders who have been matched with advocates in seven states. The Senior Leaders bring deep expertise in policy, government, and/or hospital and health plan leadership. They have worked closely with their consumer advocate partners as mentors and strategic advisors on a variety of tasks, including reviewing proposals/RFIs/contracts, coaching advocates on how to approach health system leaders, and making joint presentations.

LIA as a critical component in building the field of “Next Generation” leaders able to engage with and promote innovative, person/family/community centered health care that must be a central tenet of a quality health care system.

If you'd like to learn about participating as a Senior Leader, please contact us at: healthinnovation@communitycatalyst.org


Senior Leaders: 2019-2020

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