Our Work

The Center works directly with consumers and their advocates around the country to increase the skills and power they have to establish an effective voice at all levels of the health care system. We collaborate with innovative health plans, hospitals and providers to incorporate the consumer experience into the design of their systems of care. We also work with state and federal policymakers to spur change that makes the health system more responsive to consumers. And, we provide consulting services to health plans, provider groups and other health care organizations to help them create meaningful structures for engagement with their consumers.

Consumer Stories

The needs and experiences of health care consumers — particularly people in marginalized or low-income communities or with complex needs and significant disabilities — are the driving force of the Center’s work. Documenting and amplifying patients’ real-life health care situations, in their own words, is central to our ability to create a health care system that works for all of us. Click below for video stories from some of the consumers we work with.