Our Services

Our consulting practice has expertise at all three levels of consumer engagement – clinical, organizational and policy-focused – and we can customize our services to help you best achieve your engagement goals.


Assessments & Planning

With smart use of information, you can generate greater results faster and more strategically. Do you have the data you need from all critical sources? Do you know what it reveals – and how to use those insights?

The Center conducts comprehensive assessments and planning to optimize your organization’s practices, structures and partnerships. We’ll help you improve your health care delivery now, while building your momentum for the future.


Consumer & Community Engagement

Respectful, effective community partnerships can fuel your health improvement efforts – and enhance local trust. By balancing program requirements with new innovations, you can engage your community in co-design, connect people to their care, cultivate better health, and generate sector-changing insight
along the way.

The Center will help you build your community collaborations on firm footing – now and for the years ahead.


Training & Coaching

Your organization wants to bolster its approach to consumer engagement – perhaps through a Patient/Family Advisory Council, quality improvement committee, focus groups or listening sessions. These people-intensive projects require time and training. Let the Center help. We can help you grow the capacity of your teams, partners, members and the consumers you serve.

Targeted learning can introduce and hone essential skills – and make real change in your capacity to address complex health and social needs, leading to better health outcomes for communities.


Policy Analysis

Analyzing policy can be time-consuming – and sometimes confusing. The Center stays on top of what’s new, to help you identify and interpret rules and changes that hold major implications for your work.

Working with partners in more than 40 states, the Center conducts policy analysis and industry-specific research to advance health system transformation and community health improvement. Together, let’s give your team the knowledge to make smart, successful, strategic decisions.

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Please contact us for further information. We look forward to communicating with you about how we can help your organization achieve its goals.